Correx Signs

Correx Signs in Southampton

Correx is a great temporary low cost internal and external signage material. Otherwise known as corrugated or fluted plastic. This light weight material is commonly used by estate agencies for “For Sale” & “to let” signs placed outside of properties.

Correx is a fantastic rigid advertising material which is light weight and strong at the same time. This material comes in a 4mm thickness and in sizes up to 10ft x 5ft.

The flutes running through the centre of the sheet can be used for inserting wire stakes so temporary signs can be made to insert/ stake into soft ground.

Available in the following colours: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and Black correx can also be vinyl covered to any colour or design.

Perfect for promotional campaigns and notice display.

Correx Signage in Southampton
Correx Signage in Southampton
Correx internal and external signage in Southampton