Gecko Top 10 Vehicle Branding

Top 10 Vehicle Branding
Here at Gecko, we try to go above and beyond when it comes to vehicle wraps, we try to offer more than a bit of vinyl. We're always looking for inspiration when we're designing wraps for our customers. We compiled a list of our top 10 vehicle wraps, that we find inspiring and help get our creative juices flowing.
Shark bus National Geographic Channel

1. National Geographic Channel

Looks like we're gonna need a bigger bus... The National Geographic Channel had a bus wrapped with a shark on the side and as you can see, they placed the mouth on the doors, so when they open it looks as if the shark is eating the passengers. This design is surely going to capture anyone's attention.

2. The Simpson's

To promote a new DVD release, America's favourite family wrapped a bus to help promote the new DVD. With the Contravision windows featuring The Simpson's family and other members of the cartoons cast, the bus also includes some fantastic touches that makes it look like the school bus that features in the show, it's the attention to detail that makes this wrap a joy to view.

The Simpsons Bus
Steampunk Herbie

3. Herbie

Remember Herbie? The little VW Beetle that had a mind of its own, well here the little car has had a make-over and has become Steampunk Herbie. This amazing transformation was originally a painting that has been transformed into a car wrap and the detail is just simply incredible.

4. Copenhagen Zoo Bus

Another bus... another animal. This time it's a snake that's wrapping around a bus in Copenhagen. The wrap is helping to promote Copenhagen Zoo but the design itself looks as if the snake is crushing the bus, just like it would do with it's prey.

Copenhagen Zoo Bus
FedEx Lorry

5. FedEx

Shots were fired, when FedEx applied this dig at its rival UPS to it's lorries. FedEx has created a design that applies they're carrying two UPS delivery trucks, to indicate "they're carrying the competition". This is a great wrap because not only is the idea behind the design creating a competitive dig at the competition and created a memorable design, but the design itself is brilliant, creating an illusion of inside its lorry.

6. Asparagus Cement Truck

This one of a kind wrap really makes you take a second look to make sure its fake. The asparagus wrap looks real as the 3D image wraps around the cement truck in just the right places. These trucks have been seen in and around Canada.

BMW M3 GT2 Art Car

7. BMW M3 GT2

This BMW M3 GT2 Art Car was designed by Jeff Coons and was part of a series called BMW Art Cars. The design is very busy and colourful with lines flowing along with the car. This particular car also took part in 2010s, 24 Hours of Le Mans in France.

8. The Godfather

The client couldn't refuse this design concept... printed onto black matte, the design features Marlon Brando's Don Vito Corleone from the masterpiece; The Godfather. The iconic image of Don Vito Corleone has him featured on the back end of the car with a ring of smoke around the side of the car as well.

The Godfather Car

9. Jonkers

This creative van wrap for DIY company Jonkers shows the inside of the van, which features a workman and his set of tools he carries in the van. Amazingly design to give the illusion of inside the van, this will surely turn people's heads when the team is out on a job.

10. Air Products Van

Rounding off our top 10 is this incredible design for Air Products, which features the company logo and contact details on a background of woodlands and mountains. A very simple design that really upgrades the van, with a simple woodland outline along the bottom of the van and the mountains faintly added to the background to create some depth to the design.

Air Products Van

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